Gender Equality Advocacy and

Development Initiative



Gender Equality Advocacy and Development Initiative (GEADI) is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation in Nigeria with Offices at Abuja, and Lagos. We have representatives from the 774 local government area and 36 states of Nigeria. We bridge the gap between the so-called social scums, and the government, together with other none state actors. We believe that we can achieve a better society that peace would reign, since justice is a prerequisite for peace. We speak and make needed policy suggestions to government and other authorities. We get involve in any issue that provide public good.

Our vision is to be a voice for people of ALL GENDER, but most especially women and the girl child working toward a society free of alcohol,drug and other negative addictions; advocating for social health insurance, good accommodation, employment and related matters.

Our Mission is focused on reducing and preventing ill-vices in the society through diplomatic engaging the authorities, education, intervention and advocacy.

Our Story At GEADI we believe that education is a key to achieving a knowledge based society which could lead to reduction of drug abuse and its vices. moreso, only education allows for better rehabilitation of victims from stigmatization.

In our little work in communities, we have also discovered that some boys are being sexually and physically abused by adults in the society and we have to moved in to stop this trend .One of the ways we wish to achieve this is by getting the boy child to be out spoken. 95% of the time, the boys keeps quite and says nothing about it. We must stop this trend because, if left unchecked, they might grow up with the impression that, this is the standard way of doing things.

The NGO (GEADI) will offer the following services:

What we are advocating for is that, a women should not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, especially when she’s qualified for the job, office or position . We are saying boys and girls should enjoy same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. If the male child can go to school, so should the female.” The era were the dream of the girl child is just good enough for one night is over.” Simpliciter gender equality means; women and men having the same right to shape society and their own dreams. Gender equality is not the same thing as feminism, which in it’s strictest terms means “for women to be equal to men”. Which is not what we seek.

When the Project of GEADI is properly implemented it will become a point of reference to States and Local government institutions and employers.

Temi-Tope May Lamidi (Esq)

President/Founder Geadi

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